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SUMDAY VACATIONS started as a small family owned business based in the Branson, Mo. area and has rapidly grown to over 60+ staff to serve your needs.  Our specialized staff possess over 300 years of timeshare and travel experience, 225 years of deeding and related transfer experience and 125 years of higher or specialized education. We “Specialize in Quality Affordable Vacation Ownership”.

We handle thousands of timeshare transfers a year and take pride in having the smoothest, most efficient transfer procedures in the Transfer Industry. Please review our Ebay or TUG feedback to get a feel for the speed and ease of doing business with us. We take pride in being able to help provide thousands of families each year with their vacation accommodations.

Whether you are interested in a points based program for flexibility, a premium fixed week at a resort you want to return to many times, or a property that has high trading power. SumDay Vacations has the Vacation Ownership to fit your vacation requirements. Enjoy your shopping experience and we look forward to working with you.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated timeshare specialists that are eager to make your next timeshare purchase simple and enjoyable.

Jeff Brown - <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/jeff-brown">Read Jeff’s Bio</a>

Jeff Brown - Read Jeff’s Bio

Michelle Nordin - <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/michelle-nordin">Read Michelle’s Bio</a>

Michelle Nordin - Read Michelle’s Bio

Executive Administrative Assistant
Stevie Plumb- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/stevie-plumb">Read Stevie’s Bio</a>

Stevie Plumb- Read Stevie’s Bio

Personnel Manager
Rob Toolen- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/rob-toolen">Read Rob’s Bio</a>

Rob Toolen- Read Rob’s Bio

General Manager
J. Michael Martinez- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/j-michael-martinez">Read J. Michael’s Bio</a>

J. Michael Martinez- Read J. Michael’s Bio

Latin America Sales Director
Tara Newton- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/tara-newton">Read Tara’s Bio</a>

Tara Newton- Read Tara’s Bio

Verification Manager
Chris Martin- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/chris-martin">Read Chris’s Bio</a>

Chris Martin- Read Chris’s Bio

Deeding Manager
Cindy Morris- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/cindy-morris">Read Cindy’s Bio</a>

Cindy Morris- Read Cindy’s Bio

Accounts Payable Specialist
Troy Bratz- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/troy-bratz">Read Troy’s Bio</a>

Troy Bratz- Read Troy’s Bio

Business Development
Brian King- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/brian-king">Read Brian’s Bio</a>

Brian King- Read Brian’s Bio

Business Development
Jennifer Goode- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/jennifer-good">Read Jennifer’s Bio</a>

Jennifer Goode- Read Jennifer’s Bio

Vendor Relations
Doug Walker- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/doug-walker">Read Doug’s Bio</a>

Doug Walker- Read Doug’s Bio

Business Development
Pamela Albro- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/pamela-albro">Read Pamela’s Bio</a>

Pamela Albro- Read Pamela’s Bio

Listing Specialist
Janet Bain- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/janet-bain">Read Janet’s Bio</a>

Janet Bain- Read Janet’s Bio

Verifications Specialist
Leslie Tillman- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/leslie-tillman">Read Leslie’s Bio</a>

Leslie Tillman- Read Leslie’s Bio

Verifications Specialist
Joanna Waddle- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/joanna-waddle">Read Joanna’s Bio</a>

Joanna Waddle- Read Joanna’s Bio

Verifications Specialist
Kathy Pedigo - <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/kathy-pedigo">Read Kathy’s Bio</a>

Kathy Pedigo - Read Kathy’s Bio

Verifications Specialist
Daphne Jones- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/daphne-jones">Read Daphne’s Bio</a>

Daphne Jones- Read Daphne’s Bio

Deeding Specialist
Randall Cloud- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/randall-cloud">Read Randall’s Bio</a>

Randall Cloud- Read Randall’s Bio

Deeding Specialist
Venita Hooper - <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/venita-hooper">Read Venita’s Bio</a>

Venita Hooper - Read Venita’s Bio

Deeding Specialist
Bridgett Whitten - <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/bridgett-whitten">Read Bridgett’s Bio</a>

Bridgett Whitten - Read Bridgett’s Bio

Deeding Specialist
Kristen Huston- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/kristen-huston">Read Kristen’s Bio</a>

Kristen Huston- Read Kristen’s Bio

Title Transfer Specialist
Katherine Ford- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/katherine-ford">Read Katherine’s Bio</a>

Katherine Ford- Read Katherine’s Bio

Title Transfer Specialist
Michelle Jackson- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/michelle-jackson">Read Michelle’s Bio</a>

Michelle Jackson- Read Michelle’s Bio

Title Transfer Specialist
Samantha Chitwood- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/samantha-chitwood">Read Samantha’s Bio</a>

Samantha Chitwood- Read Samantha’s Bio

Title Transfer Specialist
Kaitlyn Spears- <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/kaitlyn-spears">Read Kaitlyn’s Bio</a>

Kaitlyn Spears- Read Kaitlyn’s Bio

Title Transfer Specialist
Amanda Stull - <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/amanda-stull">Read Amanda’s Bio</a>

Amanda Stull - Read Amanda’s Bio

Title Transfer Specialist
Danielle Hackathorn - <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/danielle-hackathorn">Read Danielle’s Bio</a>

Danielle Hackathorn - Read Danielle’s Bio

Title Transfer Specialist
Tim Hooper - <a href="http://sumdayvacations.com/timeshare-transfer/tim-hooper">Read Tim’s Bio</a>

Tim Hooper - Read Tim’s Bio

Office Archivist