Watch our latest videos that introduce Sumday Vacations’ timeshare transfer process and how we make timeshare transfers simple and affordable.  We off a no-hassle, no-pressure, stress-free buying experience from start to finish.  Watch the videos below and learn more.

About Sumday Vacations

Timeshare Transfers Made Simple

This video is to show you the ease of purchasing a timeshare from Sumday
Vacations. Our state-of-the-art website simplifies the painless process of
purchasing your next timeshare.

Simply go to our website at and locate the
timeshare you would like to own. You can search for a specific resort by typing
the resort name in the search box and press enter or you can search by specific

Not finding what you want? Please send an email to
with a detailed description of your desired resort location and we will be more
than happy to try to locate that timeshare for you. Sumday Vacations receives
new inventory on a daily basis so be sure to check our website regularly so you
don’t miss out.

Once you locate your desired timeshare just click the “Add to cart” icon and
proceed to checkout. Once your order is confirmed you will be contacted by our
professional closing staff to complete the transfer into your name.